What we do

Although there have been developments in recent years in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, the number of people living with HIV continues to grow, as does the number of AIDS deaths. In many regions of the world new HIV infections are heavily concentrated amongst young people aged 15-24 years of age. Sub-Saharan Africa continues to bear the brunt of the epidemic, with two thirds of all adults and children with HIV globally living in the region, with the epicentre in Southern Africa.

We equip socially and economically marginalised communities with the communications skills, knowledge and awareness to transform their lives and the lives of others personally, socially and professionally.

We provide child-centred training to pre-service teachers as a unique tool for positive behaviour change.

We empower young people to protect themselves from HIV and advocate for their gender and human rights.

We do this using a highly experiential form of learning. It is through participation that vulnerable and marginalised individuals generate the awareness and ability to implement practical and positive changes in their own lives and gain a voice in society as a whole.

In the last six years we have:

  • Trained over 5,000 teachers in Malawi, Ghana, Togo, and Burkina Faso
  • Positively impacted on the lives of 20,500 children, giving them key communication skills in assertiveness and negotiation
  • Worked successfully with high-risk and typically excluded groups such as sex workers and fishing communities
  • Integrated our work into the curriculum in Malawi
  • Been accredited as a learning centre by the Open College Network
  • Attracted funding from Comic Relief, DFID, Christian Aid, GTZ, The British Council and others

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